public static string signupFormCreate(string token, SignupFormDataStructure signupForm)
Create a new SignupForm based on the details provided. Return the ID of the newly created SignupForm.
Signup Form Related Methods

string tokenA valid token for your account. To generate a token, use the login method.
array signupFormThe array containing the signup Form details.
string nameThis will only be seen by you and is used to organize your signUpForm.
ContactListStructure[] listsContact Lists id for which you want to create signupForm
string introductionIntroduction phrase for your signupForm
string titleTitle which will appear on the signupForm
string logoThe logo image path which you want to show as your mark

stringReturns the ID of the newly created SignupForm.

download example code

  1. <?php
  2. /**
  3. This Example shows how to authenticate a user using XML-RPC.
  4. Note that we are using the PEAR XML-RPC client and recommend others do as well.
  5. **/
  6. require_once 'XML/RPC2/Client.php';
  7. require_once 'inc/config.php';
  8. $client = XML_RPC2_Client::create($apiURL);
  9. $token = $client->login($apiLogin, $apiPassword);
  11. $signupForm['name'] = 'March28 2011SignUpForm1';
  12. $signupForm['title'] = 'Do you eat out regularly';
  13. $signupForm['introduction'] = 'Never';
  14. $contactData[0]['id']='1001';
  15. $contactData[1]['id']='1002';
  16. $signupForm['list'] = $contactData;
  17. $singupForm['logo']='/logo/SignupLogo.gif';
  18. $newSignUpFormID = $client->signupFormCreate($token, $singupForm);
  19. ?>